Night Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

After a busy day, when you are back home, it’s important to complete your night skincare routine. Don’t go to your bed, without cleansing and moisturizing your face because face makeup can be drying on the skin, especially if you leave it for too long.

When residue from makeup left behind, it clogged the pores and makes it harder for the skin to absorb moisturizers and serums. As a result, the skin might feel dry and irritated the next morning, which can lead to blackheads and breakouts.

so for dry skin people, it is very important to remove the makeup completely before going to bed, it doesn’t take too much of your time. Just follow these basic steps for your night skincare routine to maintain the hydration level of your skin and keep your dryness at bay.

Step-1: Remove The Makeup

Taking off your makeup is necessary before you start your night skincare routine. You can remove it by using any oil-based cleanser or with the help of makeup remover wipes. You can use Almond Oil/ Coconut Oil/Olive Oil or any oil-based cleanser. The good thing about oil cleanser is, it gently removes makeup and dirt from your skin, and it doesn’t dry out your skin. It keeps your skin moist and smooth.

Step-2: Cleanse Your Face

Once you remove your makeup, you need to wash your face with a mild and gentle water-based cleanser. It deeply cleans your face which helps break down dirt and prepare your skin to absorbs any serum or moisturizer.

Step-3: Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is a great way to remove dead skin cells that make your complexion dull. Exfoliation makes your skin soft and smooth, but do not try this step more than twice a week, especially for dry skin people, because over-exfoliation makes your skin even drier. Always use a gentle moisturizing scrub or exfoliator to cleanse your face.

Step-4: Hydrate Your Skin With Toner

Using a toner will totally change your skin. Face mist helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It maintains the pH level of the skin and prepares it to absorb other skincare products.

Step-5: Apply A Facial Oil Or Serum

You may have been too afraid to apply oils on your face, filled with worry that it will turn your skin into an oil slick, but you know it won’t happen. A facial oil doesn’t have to make your skin look greasy. Rather, facial oil can play a very important role to keep your skin moisturized and smooth. Just massage it gently on your face and neck.

Step-6: Apply Night Cream Or Face Mask

The skin renews itself while you sleep. One of the best times to indulge in a masking session is while you are asleep. Beauty sleep is a real thing, so when you are ready for bed, apply a good quality moisturizing night cream that can help recover and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. You just need to choose the right night cream based on your preferences or an overnight face mask, which is specifically formulated for you to apply before bed. It immediately leaves your skin hydrated and supple.

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