10 Common Makeup Mistakes We Do While Applying Makeup- Everyone Should Know

We have obsessed with learning everything about beauty. As women, we have good instincts when it comes to a beauty routine. By applying makeup on our skin, we look beautiful & feel more confident about our skin. It highlights your features, but if it not applied in the right way it can make you look worst and you can lose your confidence.

It is very important to be careful while applying makeup. Today I will tell you about the most common makeup mistakes you do while applying makeup.

1. Don’t Forget To Moisturize Your Skin:

Applying makeup on dry skin is the biggest mistake people do, which makes your face look dull, cracked, old, and tired. Everything depends on a solid foundation base & if you apply foundation without moisturizing your skin, it can make your skin cakey & patchy.

2. Makeup In The Wrong Lighting:

All makeup artists agreed that natural daylight is best for applying makeup. In daylight, you can easily see when something is not blended properly. But if you do your makeup in your room or washroom, make sure that lighting is good there.

3. Using The Wrong Foundation:

Most of the time women take a foundation which is much lighter than their skin so that they can look fair but this is not the right way to buy foundation. Make sure that you pick the right shade that matches perfectly with your skin tone. Using a shade that matches your skin, it will give you a flawless look.

4. Applying Too Much Foundation:

While applying the foundation, we usually use it more on the whole face, due to which it seems overloaded. often, whenever you use the foundation, you will see that instead of feeling smooth on your face, it looks cakey.

5. Wrong Blending Techniques:

Usually, people use a foundation like a normal cream & not blend it properly. Even if you apply the right shade & you don’t blend it properly, it looks unnatural. The keys to natural-looking makeup lies in the art of blending. Watch some good makeup videos & invest in a few good brushes to get started.

6. Eyebrows Disaster:

Most women usually try to give perfect shape to eyebrows & fill them with dark black eyebrow pencil & forget about their natural eyebrows, which can make their look worst. Do not highlight the eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil, it may look fake and ugly, you should always choose a brown or dark coffee color to fill the eyebrows because it looks natural.

7. Highlighting At The Wrong Places:

Highlighters are used to highlight the face. But often people use it to make the face shiny, this is not the right way to use the highlighter. It can also make the entire face look bad. Use it under your cheeks & lips and at the center of the nose.

8. Applying Too Much Kajal:

Never apply kajal completely on the eyes you should darken the outside a little and keep it thinner & lighter. This will make your eyes look bigger.

9. Blusher Blunders:

Do not overload the blusher on the cheeks & face, it can spoil your face. Blusher is used to bring color to the face for a youthful appearance. Skip the apples of your cheeks and apply blush just below the cheekbone, just above you’d apply bronzer.

10. Using The Wrong Way To Wear Lipstick:

The biggest mistake we make while applying lipstick is when we use lip liner on lips. You must have seen that many people use a different color lip liner in the borders of lips and filled them with light color lipstick. You know it makes you look older and gives you an ugly and wamp look. So instead of doing this use a lipliner which is one shade darker than your lipstick.

So there is some special point that you all should follow so that your makeup looks natural and applying makeup right way gives you a younger & flawless look.

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