About Us

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Tiny Box Of Beauty. It works for empowerment and inspiration for everyone to leads healthier and happier lives. In today’s world, everyone wants to look beautiful, stay fit, and healthy.

First of all, we will understand what is the true definition of beauty.

In my words, beauty is attitude, personality, self-confidence, dept. of thoughts and dressing sense of a person. Only a person, who loves himself/herself can look beautiful. It is a feeling comfortable in your own skin and appreciating your imperfections. True beauty comes from inside.

But in our modern society, outer beauty is as important as inner beauty. Outer beauty is the physical attractiveness of a person, and it is the first thing we see when we meet somebody. Before you know someone’s inner beauty/personality, you are first attracted to them through their outer looks.

A tiny box of beauty is passionate about improving our lives by sharing simple, effective, and, DYI home remedies. We believe that we can have better choices if we are well informed.

A tiny box of beauty is the destination of choice for the latest updates, best natural home remedies, effective skincare tips, healthy and delicious eating recipes, new workout ideas, trending makeup looks and best beauty products and tips and all the topics that matter the most, we have it all covered.